Eventfull Day Tomorrow

April 16, 2009

Tomorrow, Friday the 16th, Crabtree Farms, located off of Rossville Boulevard, will be hosting a press release party for TasteBuds. The press release is around eleven o’clock tomorrow and hopefully news reports will be there. Children will be there as well as all the supporters of Tastebuds. It will be the reveal of the new guide which holds all the farms, restaurants, grocery, non profit, and markets who buy and use freshly grown produce. Also, the new t-shirts will be worn by all the UTC graphic design students, Leadership Chattanooga, and professionals at Crabtree. It will be a eventful day and one to remember, not only for University of Tennessee students but for the community. This initiative will change Chattanooga, not only for the consumer but for the producer as well. Consumers will become more healty conscious and when they go to a restaurant which buys produce from the farmers.

Tastebuds also has a website which in under construction at the moment. Also, TasteBuds was on a local radio, WGOW, station this morning promoting the press release tomorrow at Crabtree. One of our own studnets was on the radio station, Tara, along with a representative from Crabtree Farms. They were interviewd about the whole initiative and promoted the guide and restaurants. We, the studnets, were able to listen to it live and were all very excited about how big TasteBuds is becoming. I wish this project will continue to grow from year to year and I hope it continue to be supported.


This past Tuesday, my teacher Leslie Jensen-Inman set up a field trip for my Process and Materials for Graphic Design course. This was our second to last day of class so it was a fun end to a very insightful semester. We ventured over to Allegra Printing & Imaging in Chattanooga TN, where we were greeted then taken on a tour of the facility. Our tour Guide, Todd, was very enthusiastic about his job, which makes us excited about printing. First on our tour we were taken to the Graphic Design department where there is only one graphic designer. She deals with adjusting the files sent and sometimes designing the files. Then we went to the small printing press where small books are printed and then we got to see how they bind the books. Next, we were able to see how they glue books together, which can be done by hand and a paintbrush. This machine was called the Paddy Wagon. It was the neatest contraption. We also saw the machine used to fold brochures or booklets; it was quick and efficient. Also, that day they were assembling a sign for a local dentist company. It took many people to assemble but in the end it came out beautifully.

Everyone was gracious to stop what they were doing and explain their process. Everyone was very friendly and there were a lot of intelligent people who work there. They are a community print shop and should be supported by the community.

Last thursday was an amazing and insightful day. My teacher, Leslie-Jensen-Inman, gave the art students an opportunity to hear from Cindy Li. The day started at 8 o’clock in the morning with a session called Networking without the Ink, with Cindy Li at GreenSpaces here in Chattanooga, TN. There was a great turnout from the Graphic Design studnets at UTC as well as Professionals in Chattanooga. It was a wonderful time of networking with other professionals as well as hearing Cindy Li speak. She is a web/Graphic Designer from the San Fransisco area who is free lancing at the moment but has worked at AOL. She was very insightful and gave away information that will help young designers network with modern day technology. Since FaceBook and Twitter are becoming popular, it is thereby becoming a place to network with other professionals as well as with clients. Designers need to be cautious of what is said on their facebook and twitter page due to the rumor mill and other concerns.

Next on the agenda for the day… Cindy Li came back to the Graphic Design studio at UTC to talk to the junior class about the world after college. She gave us insight into her world and allowed us to ask questions for over an hour (which flew by). She was a joy to have in the studio and I came away with a better understanding of the world outside of UTC.

That night, Cindy Li also gave a talk at CreateHere located on Main Street in Chattanooga. This event was open to the public and art students from UTC. There was a great turn out and was thankful for this opportunity I was given.

Last Tuesday, the print team and I sent our files to the printer…It was a glorous moment. All day i had been working on the guide, making final adjustments and all the work was worth it to achieve a well designed piece. This project has spaned a semesters period and has taken around three months to complete. I have learned quite a bit from this experience and all the trials and hills to overcome were well worth it. I have come away with a better understanding of client-designer relationships and have learned a good deal more in Adobe InDesign (this was the program used to design the guide).  From every moment I worked on the guide it was well worth it to see the outcome of the final TasteBud product. 

The guide went to print last Tuesday, therefore, the guide will be in the publics hands wihtin the next two weeks. I am excited to see the guide living within the walls of Chattanooga and the surrounding areas. I hope this initiative will impact the community and help others to realize the imporatance of buying local. If consumers spend their income wihtin Chattanooga and surroudnign areas, then Chattanooga will see an impact and the consumer will get the benefits.

In all, by completing the TasteBuds guide, I feel like  i had achieved a huge milestone in my life. I have walked away with a better understanding of  client-based work and will use the knowledge i acquired throughout my days as a Graphic Designer.

Even though the class is finished with the TasteBud project, it will continue to live on in the Chattanooga area.

amazing experiences

April 7, 2009

Last Thursday my class was able to tour National Print Group, this company is the largest ditigal, litho, screen, and large format P-O-P printer in the world.  My teacher prepared us and told us beforehand that this tour would be a wonderful experience and it was just that, but more. We were able to stay at the company for almsot three hours and we did not even get to see the second facility. During the tour, our tour guides first explained there process for desiging and what kind of work they typically do for clients. Each client comes to them with a differnet goal and design and it is National Print Groups goal to bring to life the design in print. During the tour, I was able to see the room where they set up signs/banners that would be in stores.  A sign looks totally different set up in a room verses living on the computer so it was quite a smart idea to allow the signs to live wihtin a space.

Next, we were able to walk through the entire printing process, from the pre-press to the screen printing, to the packaging. We were able to see each step and the works who managed the machines each day. These are the men who need to become my best friend because they know so much and I would love to hear there experiences and knowledge. These men and women are very talented and know quite a deal about the printing process.

Since we were unable to see the other facility, we were asked to come back from another tour. I am quite excited and look foward to seeing more machines and meet more people.

tastebud lives

April 7, 2009

For Professional Practice, our classes has almost completed our first project with a client. Our work is coming together and becoming complete and whole. All of the piece, from the poster to the web site, have a similar design and feel like one. I have been working on the guide booklet that list farmers, restaurants, farmers markets, non profit organizaitons, artisans, and grocery stores. All of the restaurants which are listed use produce from the farms. We have had a huge turnout of partners; in all we have over fifty listings. This is remarkable and quite amazing to know that there are over 50 farms in the chattanooga and surroudning areas. Each farm does not produce/grow just fruits or vegetables, there are quite a few farms who raise chickens/meat/honey. This project has been an eye opener to realize how important it is to buy and support local farms/restaurants/grovery stores. There are a lot of benefits to buying local and it allows the money to stay within our economy here in chattanooga.

This week the class is wraping up projects and going to print. My team (the print team) will be finishing the guide and smaller guide (“TasteBuddy”) and sending it to print. We are making final revisions and it is almost complete. It has been quite the learning experience. I have learned  great deal and this experience will gugde me in my career later on in life. I have worked and meet indivduals who are devoted to this project. Every one who is involved with this project is so on fire and it is showing.

the book. continued.

March 30, 2009

 For my class Process and Materials for Graphic Design I have continued working on designing the printer guide. I have designed the front spread, which means I have created the front and back of the book. Also, I created the title page, content page, and two pages for my print companies. All pages need to have a different feel yet feel somewhat connected. This has been the biggest struggle. However, I have had a lot of fun with the parameters of this project. For example, the page which will contain the information on the print companies does not have to feel legible. It can be chaotic and beautifully designed. I have always enjoyed creating a chaotic piece of work. From my paintings to my creations on paper, I try whenever I can to create an elegant yet chaotic art work.  There is a fine line to be walked between a messy piece of work with text everywhere and a piece of work which has placement but is still chaos. It’s the chaos verse order mentality. A piece of art work can be beautiful with order and with chaos; it is the artist who choices the direction. There is so much power in designing a piece of artwork or a book. I can go in any direction I want to with a few requirements. The only requirements are size, text, and picture. But I am allowed to push those requirements to the ultimate. I feel like I can breathe while designing this book because I am not within a box of requirements. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy working within parameters but once in a while I like to have no requirements.


March 30, 2009

The project in my Professional Practice class is almost coming to an end (on my groups part, that is). Since I am with the group who is designing the guide, we will be one of the first groups to have a completed piece. This is only because of how the project is layed out not due to who has worked the hardest because the class has worked very hard on this project. Each week the guide size and the design has continually changed. It has evolved into something beautiful and simple. The guide is easy to handle, which means it is not a clunky booklet nor is it the noraml size of a brochure. My group has spent many, many hours deciding which fold/design will work best. Our goal is to design a brochure which will be informative yet beautiful enough to keep. Most brochures get looked at then tosed… and this is not our goal. We are also designing a point of purchase stand which will house the brochures. The brochure will go to press in a week, which means crunch time. We are working with a local printing company in chattanooga called Williams Printing Company. The teams at Willaims have been amazing and very helpful. They are helping us in every area and are a pleasure to work with. A couple of weeks ago we toured the facility at Williams Printing Company and everyone there bent over backwards to answer our questions and help us in deciding how to build the guide.

I am very excited to see this project through and look foward to seeing this guide used in Chattanooga, TN.


March 24, 2009

Currently, my team for Professional Practice is working on the guide for the new chapter of Buy Fresh Buy Local here in Chattanooga, TN called Tastebuds. We have decided on a layout and are very happy with the design. Along with the guide, we are creating a “tastebuddy” which will be a smaller guide of restaurants. This is my first time designing and creating a guide. I have done a lot of other design elements but this is my first time designing a guide. It has been quite the experience but also very beneficial. I have researched guides and found some topics such as “What makes a good guide”. Hierarchy is important and the size of text. Color also plays a huge roll. If the background color of the guide is too bright with text that is white, then there is a good chance people will not be able to read it. Text should stay within the 12-10 range, but this also depends on what kind of text you are using. If the font runs big, then it might be okay to use a ten point font. Just be careful and print a rough to make sure.

Also, keep in mind the audience in which will read the guide/brochure. If the audience is a older generation, then it is more than likely they will not be able to read bright text, bright background, and small font. As one gets older, there eyes become less and less. They do not have the same eyes as a 10 year old. And if they are unable to read the brochure, then the design has failed.

Guides/brochures are a successful marketing tool, but keep in mind the audience who will use the brochure/guide.

March 24, 2009

Die Cut:

die cut is when there is a cut or hole or regular or irregular shape in an object. For this I have a tag that attaches to clothes from H&M. This store always seems to have interesting tags and is constantly changing their design elements, such as tags. The next example is a card is have saved due to its uniqueness. It has a two-step die cut which adds character to the card.

                die_cut1           die_cut_3


I have collected cards throughout the years and I have two favorite embossing cards. One is decorative with flowers but within the flowers there is another layer on top of that of raised surface. The second one I particular like the emboss, and then deboss in one. In also integrates two design finishes which is why is caught my attention.



               emboss_two              emboss1 


I am attracted to different kinds of binds and these two binds are two of my favorite. The first one is bound only by rope which adds character and roughness to the pad of paper. For the second bind, I had to look close to recognize which kind it was but once I did I appreciated the bind. One the outside, the book looks to have a regular bind but once the book is open the pages are bound by 4 strings. This can only be seen if the book is spread apart or a page of paper is torn out.

die_cut_two     binding2




I desire to see a company branch out from a normal package and once I saw these they caught my attention. The two packages are form 4by6 and Modern Postcard. Each package has a different size and can unfold in different and unique ways.

                packaging  packaging_two-copy


I have selected two cards which house a spot varnish or a picture varnish. Sometimes varnishing can come across as tacky so it was really hard to find a successfully used varnish. I chose these two because they are used playfully and not as unsuccessful as other ones.

 varnish    varnish_two



This finish was one of the harder ones to find within my collection. I save wedding invitations due to the time and quality of the invitation. The second one i picked due to the raised M in the center. The cirlce is raised and then the M is raised as well.. quite nice. .         

  thermography        thermo_two


Dutone: I collect business cards and I found one black/white and one pink/white card. The pink card keeps my attnetnion due to the bright colors and curved edges. The black/white is elegant and fits the business.


                  duotone_two  dutone1



Scoring: the large blue book is elegant due to the uniquiness of it. It is perforated alog the left hand side and I found the booklet within a magazine.. The seond example was also found within a magazine and the viewer        can interact with the magazine by taking a marker from this page and placing it within the magazine.

                  scoring_three2 scoring_two


Foil Stamping: I chose this foil stamp because i usually do not see this kind of material on a card, but it is become more and more popular each day.





Fold: I chose the first fold (the orange one) due to the size which comes to 3 by 3. This type of fold is easy to handle and feels like a true designed fold and not just a regualar fold, even though the typography on the fold isn’t elegant. The second fold is from a card and the top of the card cuts off around 1/4 of an inch and allows the bottom part of the card to show through.

fold     fold_two